Javascript Basic Datatypes

  • Basic Datatypes
    • number
    • string
    • boolean
    • undefined
    • null

1. number

  • For numbers (e.g., int, long, float, double), there is only one datatype, number, in Javascript.

2. string

  • Immutable
  • Sequencing

  • string conversion
    • When you use a number-like string as an operand in an arithmetic operation, the string is converted to a number behind the scenes.
    • This works for all operations except addition

3. boolean

  • The boolean variable represents two values: “true” or “false”.
  • If the boolean variable has no initial value, or if the assigned value is one of the followings, it is set to false.
    • 0
    • -0
    • null
    • “”
    • false
    • undefined
    • NaN
  • For any other value, it is set to true (even with the string “false”)!

4. undefined

  • type of undefined is undefined.

5. null

  • type of null is not null, but object.
  • null will be evaluated to 0 (zero), if it is evaluated with other number.

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