Our lab, with more than 10 Doctoral / Masters / Undergraduate students, is engaged in extensive research in various fields related to followings

Deep Learning

Self-orgarnizing Distributed Sensor and Actuator Networks

  • Reconfigurable sensor networks capable of forming impromptu network, being deployed incrementally, and assembling themselves without central administration
  • Energy-efficient Sensor Coverage and Connectivity
    • Our java simulator of mobile sensors simulator – Video Clip
    • Our mobile sensor simulation on Player/Stage simulator
    • with obstacles – Video Clip
    • without obstacles – Video Clip
  • Have a fun time with the applet simulation of our proposed methods (Java Plugin Needed):
  • See the movie clips about a mapping application with our simple testbed of multi-robot self-deployment:
    • Multi-robot Self-deployment – merge-2x

Future Internet

  • Software-defined Networks
  • Distributed Mobility Management in LTE/EPC Networks
  • Delay Tolerant Networks (Pocket Switch Networks)
  • MAC Protocols of IEEE 802.11, 15 & 16
  • Media Independent Handover & IEEE 802.21
  • IPv6-based Next-generation Internet- IPv4/v6 Mobility
    • See the move clips of the WLAN/IPv6 Router handover test in our PMIPv6 implementation on Linux.
    • PMIPv6 Test Video I – Encoding Rate (0.5M): 0.5M.mp4
    • PMIPv6 Test Video II – Encoding Rate (2.5M): 2M.mp4
  • Cross-layering Optimization

Mobile Social Network Analysis (Mobile SNA)

  • Distributed/Local Centrality Measurement
  • Distributed/Local Influence Measurement
  • Efficient Data Forwarding/Store(Cache)/Carry(Ferry) in DTN
  • Applying SNA into Advanced-LTE