Building for Schoold of Internet-Media
Building for Schoold of Internet-Media

Simulation & Modeling (Spring Semester, 2007)

Course Schedule & Lecture Notes

DateTheoryLectureHome Work & Paper PresentationHome Work
[March 5]- Introduction to Lecture
- What and Why Simulation?
- The speed of Internet
- OTcl/Tk Tutorial I
- NS Tutorial: Ch.III
[March 12]NS2 - Part INS for Beginners: Ch.11st Home Work- OTcl/Tk Tutorial II
- NS Tutorial: Ch.IV
[March 19](No Lecture. The professor should participate in the IETF meeting.)
[March 26]NS2 - Part IINS for Beginners: Ch.2 2nd Home WorkNS Tutorial: Ch.V
[April 2]TCP INS for Beginners: Ch.3 3rd Home WorkNS Tutorial: Ch.VI
[April 9]TCP II. 4th Home WorkNS Tutorial: Ch.VIII
[April 16]TCP III. 5th Home WorkNS Tutorial: Ch.IX (Ref#1 and Ref#2), Table 4.1 (pp.44~46), Table 4.2 (pp.48~50)
[April 23]No Lecture
[April 30]TCP IVNS for Beginners: Ch.4-1 6th Home WorkNS Tutorial: Ch.X
[May 7]NS for Beginners: Ch.4-2 - Click- 7th Home Work
- Papers [1]
NS Tutorial: Ch.XI
[May 14]NS for Beginners: Ch.4-3- 8th Home Work
- Papers [2]
[May 21]NS for Beginners: Ch.4-4Papers [4]
[May 28]NS for Beginners: Ch.4-5 - ClickPapers [3]
[June 4]NS for Beginners: Ch.4-6Papers [5] & [6] & [7]


  • Lecturer: Youn-Hee Han (Rm. B303, Tel: 560-1486,
  • Classes: Mon., 19:00-22:00am
  • Lecture Room: B-314
  • TA: SeungIll Hyun (
  • Course Board:
  • Course Description:
    This course deals with the fundamentals of TCP flow/congestion control and Adhoc routing. Students study many characteristics of TCP and Adhoc routing through the simulation using NS2. Implementations in this course are carried out in the OTcl/Tk and C++ language. An overview of OTcl/Tk will be provided during the course.

    Students should have at least one presentation for a good paper related with the simulation of TCP or Adhoc routing. They should also present NS2 tutorial.

  • Lecture Topics

    • TCP Fundamental
    • TCP Flow Control
    • TCP Congestion Control
    • Adhoc Routing
    • NS2



    • Attendance - one class absence will result in the deduction of two points out of 100 points. Five absences will not result in ten points deduction, but "failure" (i.e., grade 'F') in this course.
    • Exam - there will be no examinations.
    • Homework - much intensive homework will be set. Any cheating (or copying) will result in grade 'F'.
    • Paper Presentation - This work is important to this lecture.


    • Attendance (10%), Homework (40%), Paper Presentation (50%)

    Selected Papers