Building for Schoold of Internet-Media
Building for Schoold of Internet-Media

Ubiquitous Computing (Spring Semester, 2008)

Course Schedule & Lecture Notes

[March 6] Introduction to Lecture
Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing (PPT)
[March 13](No Lecture, The professor should participate in the IETF meeting.)
[March 20]Ubiquitous Computing and Life (PPT), IPv6 (PPT), Movie 1, Movie 2
PPT는 프린트해서 오세요
[March 27]WLAN/WMAN, Cellular Network, and IPTV WMAN_Cellular (PPT), IPTV (PPT)
[April 3]WPAN, RFID, Zigbee, and IP-USN Ad-Hoc & Sensor (PPT), Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3, Movie 4
[April 10]Sensor & Sensor Network 이론 1 USN
[April 17]Sensor & Sensor Network 이론 2
[May 1]Sensor 실습 1
[May 8]Sensor 실습 2
[May 15]Sensor 실습 3 Start NesC(PDF), TinyOS & NesC(PDF)
[May 22]Sensor 실습 4 Oscilloscope(PDF), Project(ZIP), USB_ISP(ZIP)
[May 29]Sensor 실습 5 Message Analysis(PDF), SerialTest(EXE), RFID Example(ZIP)
[June 5]Sensor 실습 6 DB(PDF), DB관련(ZIP), Serial_MySQL(ZIP), RFID_Control(ZIP), Project 예제(ZIP)


  • Lecturer: Youn-Hee Han (Rm. B303, Tel: 560-1486,
  • Classes: Thur. 13:00-16:00am
  • Lecture Room: B-203
  • TA: Yong-Hwan Kim (김용환) -
  • Course Board:
  • Course Description:
    This seminar-style course covers current research topics in the area of ubiquitous computing technologies, including next-generation internet protocol (IPv6), IEEE 802.11/15/16, RFID, Zigbee, and Sensor Network. Students will read a number of materials on these and related areas and understand ubiquitous Computing technologies.

    Students should also participate in a sub-course of experimental practice, which delivers how to make sensor application.

  • Lecture Topics

    • IPv6
    • IEEE 802.11 - WLAN
    • IEEE 802.15 - WPAN
    • IEEE 802.16 - WMAN
    • RFID
    • Zigbee
    • IPTV
    • Sensor Network


    • PPT materials provided by professor and lecturer
    • 주교재 (구입필): ZIGBEX를 이용한 유비쿼터스 센서 네트워크 시스템(개정판), 한백전자 기술연구소, 아이티씨, 2007년 05월
      • ISBN: 9788990758705
      • URL: Click
    • 부교재: 홈 네트워킹 서비스 (유비쿼터스): (개정 증보판), 양재수, 전자신문사, 2008년 01월
      • ISBN: 9788985412988
      • URL: Click


    • Attendance - one class absence will result in the deduction of two points out of 100 points. Five absences will not result in ten points deduction, but "failure" (i.e., grade 'F') in this course.
    • Exam - there will be midterm exam and final exam for the evaluation of the knowledge learned from the class.
    • Team-based Project - much evaluation mark will be set.


    • Attendance (10%), Project (20%), Midterm exam (35%), Final exam (35%)