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Building for Schoold of Internet-Media

Data Structure (Spring Semester, 2009)

Course Schedule & Lecture Notes

  • [March 03] Introduction to Lecture
  • [March 10] Chapter 1. Basic Concepts [Ch01-1], [Ch01-2], [Ch01-보조], [Homework#1]
  • [March 17] Chapter 2. Recursion [Ch02], [Exercise1-32.pdf], [Homework#2]
  • [March 24] (No Lecture. The professor should participate in the IETF meeting.)
  • [March 31] Chapter 3. Stacks [Ch03], [Homework#3]
  • [April 07] Chapter 4. Queues [Ch04], [Homework#4]
  • [April 14] Chapter 5. General Linear Lists - 1/2 [Ch05]
  • [April 21] Chapter 5. General Linear Lists - 2/2 [Ch05-2] [Homework#5]
  • [May 05] (No Lecture. Children's day)
  • [May 12] Chapter 6. Introduction to Trees [Ch06] [Homework#6]
  • [May 19] Chapter 7. Binary Search Trees [Ch07] [Ch07-보충] [Homework#7] [hint]
  • [May 26] Chapter 8. AVL Search Trees [Ch08] [solution]
  • [June 02] Chapter 9. Heaps [Ch09], Chapter 10. Multiway Trees Heaps [Ch10] [Homework#8] [Term Project]
  • [June 09] Chapter 11. Graphs [Ch11]

  • Overview

  • Lecturer: Youn-Hee Han (Rm. B303, Tel: 560-1486,
  • Classes: Tuesday, 09:00-13:00am
  • Lecture Room: A-207
  • TA: Yong-hwang Kim (
  • Course Board:
  • Course Description:
    Data structures is an essential area of study for computer scientists and for anyone who will ever undertake any serious programming task. This course deals with the fundamentals of organizing and manipulating data efficiently using clean conceptual models. Students study many of the important conceptual data types, their realization through implementation, and analysis of their efficiency. Implementations in this course are carried out in the C (or C++) language, but the principles are more generally applicable to most modern programming environments. Students should have at least one semester of programming experience with C language.

  • Lecture Topics

    • Data abstraction
    • Pointer, Array, Struct
    • Recursive
    • List, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue
    • Tree, Balanced Tree, AVL Tree, Red-Black Tree, B Tree
    • Graph
    • Sorting Technique


    • PPT materials provided by professor
    • Data Structures - A Pseudocode Approach with C (Second Edition), Richard F. Gilberg & Behrouz A. Forouzan, Thomson, 2005
      • ISBN: 9780534390808
      • URL: Click
      • Solution and Source Codes: Click


    • Attendance - one class absence will result in the deduction of two points out of 100 points. Five absences will not result in ten points deduction, but "failure" (i.e., grade 'F') in this course.
    • Exam - there will be midterm exam and final exam for the evaluation of the knowledge learned from the class.
    • Homework - much intensive homework will be set. Any cheating (or copying) will result in grade 'F'.


    • Attendance (10%), Homework (20%)HW_1HW_2, Midterm exam (30%) , Final exam (40%)