Algorithms and Practice (Spring Semester, 2011)

*"Student-teacher relationships are based on trust. Acts, which violate this trust, undermine the educational process. Your classmates and the instructor will not tolerate violations of academic integrity"*
Course Schedule & Lecture Notes
* [March 02] Introduction to Course Course Guide, Java Programming Evironment
* [March 08] Review of Necessary Mathematics Review_Mathematics.ppt
* [March 09] Algorithms: Efficiency, Analysis, and Order - I Ch01-PDF, Ch01-1.ppt,,, HW-1.ppt
* [March 15] Algorithms: Efficiency, Analysis, and Order - II Ch01-2.ppt, HW-2.ppt
* [March 17] Algorithms: Efficiency, Analysis, and Order - III Ch01-3.ppt
* [March 22] Divide-and-Conquer - I Ch02-1.ppt,, HW-3.ppt
* [March 23] Divide-and-Conquer - II Ch02-2.ppt, MergeSort-Animation
* [March 29] Divide-and-Conquer - III Ch02-3.ppt,
* [March 30] Divide-and-Conquer - IV Ch02-4.ppt, HW-4.ppt
* [April 05] Dynamic Programming - I Ch03-1.ppt
* [April 06] Dynamic Programming - II Ch03-2.ppt,, HW-5.ppt
* [April 12] Dynamic Programming - III Ch03-3.ppt, HW-6.ppt
* [April 13] Dynamic Programming - IV Ch03-4.ppt < a class="Normal" href="">TSP Portal
* [April 19] *Midterm Exam.* Algorithm_Midterm_Result.pdf
* [April 26] The Greedy Approach - I Ch04-1.ppt, TermProject 설명, Omok(including draw test)
* [April 27] The Greedy Approach - II Ch04-2_new.ppt
* [May 03] The Greedy Approach - III Ch04-3.ppt
* [May 04, 10] (No Lecture) * [May 11] The Greedy Approach - IV Ch04-4.ppt, HW-7.ppt
* [May 17] Backtracking - I Ch05-1.ppt
* [May 18] (No Lecture) * [May 24] Backtracking - II Ch05-2.ppt
* [May 25] Branch-and-Bound - I Ch06-1.ppt
* [May 31] Branch-and-Bound - II Ch06-2.ppt, HW-8.ppt (The Last Home Work)
* [June 01] Branch-and-Bound - III Ch06-3.ppt, Ch08-1.ppt
* [June 07] Theory of P & NP Ch09.ppt
* [June 08] *Term Project Presentation* TermProject_Omok_League_Results.xls
* [June 14] *Final Exam.*
* Lecturer: Youn-Hee Han (Rm. B303, Tel: 560-1486,
* Classes: Tuesday (16:00-17:50), Wednesday (14:00-15:50)
* Lecture Room:
* TA: 양동선 (
* Course Board(숙제 제출 사이트): [Click] 과제 점수
* Prerequisites: 자료구조, 이산수학, 확률과통계(Optional)
* Course Description:
This course is about the design, analysis and use of algorithms. We will study a number of common algorithm design techniques. We will apply each technique to several problems so that we can see how to use the technique in a variety of problems and come to understand how to apply it in new situations. We will also solve some problems using several of the design techniques so that we can compare the different techniques and have a basis for selecting one over another. The algorithms that we use as examples are interesting and useful in their own right. The algorithms not only illustrate methods of design and analysis, but also solve common problems that arise in a variety of applications.

* 주교재: 도경구 역, Foundations of Algorithms Using Java Pseudocode, 사이텍미디어 (원저자: Richard Neapolitan and Kumarss Naimipour)
- 원서: Neapolitan, R. and Naimipour, K. (2004) Foundations of Algorithms using Java Pseudocode, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, Mass


* Attendance - one class absence will result in the deduction of two points out of 100 points. Five absences will not result in ten points deduction, but "failure" (i.e., grade 'F') in this course. * Exam - there will be midterm exam and final exam for the evaluation of the knowledge learned from the class. * Homework - much intensive homework will be set. Any cheating (or copying) will result in grade 'F'.

* Attendance (10%), Homework (10%), Midterm Exam. (30%), Final Exam. (30%), Term Project (20%)