Advanced Ubiquitous Computing (Fall Semester, 2014)

*"Student-teacher relationships are based on trust. Acts, which violate this trust, undermine the educational process. Your classmates and the instructor will not tolerate violations of academic integrity"*

Course Schedule & Lecture Notes
* [September 03] Introduction to Course
강의 1: Introduction of Ubiquitous Computing
* [September 10] No Lecture (추석)
* [September 17] 강의 2: 정보 스트리밍 소비의 방법과 기계들이 참여하는 사회관계망 서비스 (참고: 조병완의 만물지능 혁명)
강의 3: What is node.js?, Node.js 101 and Javascript
참고 자료: Why Node.Js is Ideal for The Internet of Things?
참고 자료: [번역] The Node.js Beginner Book
* [September 24] 논문 발표 1 (김홍연): Things That Twitter - Social Networks and the Internet of Things (2010) - Presentation: PPT
강의 4: Javascript Programming
* [October 01] 논문 발표 2 (정용진): Sharing Using Social Networks in a Composable Web of Things (2010) - Presentation: PPT
강의 5: Node.js Programming - I Chatting Application in Node.js
* [October 08] 논문 발표 3 (전일규): SIoT - Giving a Social Structure to the Internet of Things (2011) - Presentation: PPT
강의 6: Node.js Programming - II
참고 자료 -
* [October 15] 논문 발표 4 (이지은): The Social Internet of Things (SIoT) – When social networks meet the Internet of Things- Concept, architecture and network characterization (2012) - Presentation: PPT
[참고 자료]: Managing the Internet of Things based on its Social Structure
일반 발표 1 (정래진): IoT 분야에서 주목받고 있는 Node.js - Presentation: PPT
* [October 22] No Lecture (중간고사 - 휴강)
* [October 29] 논문 발표 5 (고일화): Smart things in the social loop: Paradigms, technologies, and potentials (2013) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 2 (전일규): 아두이노와 Node.js를 이용한 IoT 프로젝트 (시연 포함) - Presentation: PPT
* [November 05] 논문 발표 6 (최요한): Implementation of an experimental platform for the Social Internet of Things (2013) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 3 (고일화): Arduino 101 using Node.js (시연 포함) - Presentation: PPT
* [November 12] 논문 발표 7 (오동근): How often social objects meet each other? (2013) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 4 (김정기): Building Applications with arduino and node.js (시연 포함) - Presentation: PPT
* [November 19] 논문 발표 8 (지선호): Using Patterns of Social Dynamics in the Design of Social Networks of Sensors (2013) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 5 (오동근): Node-red web page – an example to get you started(시연 포함)
[참고 자료]: Node-RED 101 - Presentation: PPT
* [November 26] 논문 발표 9 (정래진): Network Navigability in the Social Internet of Things (2014) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 6 (도윤형): What is IoT? - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 7 (이지은): IoT Products and Services: Case Study - Presentation: PPT
* [December 03] 논문 발표 10 (도윤형): On adding the social dimension to the Internet of Vehicles: friendship and middleware (2014) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 8 (김홍연): IoT and Big Data - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 9 (정용진): Wearable Devices and Apple Watch - Presentation: PPT
* [December 10] 논문 발표 11 (김정기): The Cluster Between Internet of Things and Social Networks: Review and Research Challenges (2014) - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 10 (최요한): IoT and Security Threat - Presentation: PPT
일반 발표 11 (지선호): IoT Critics - Presentation: PDF
* [December 17] *Final Examination*

Lecture Information
* Lecturer: Youn-Hee Han (Rm. B303, Tel: 560-1486,
* Classes: Wednesday (19:00-21:50)
* Lecture Room: B318

* Attendance - One class absence will result in the deduction of two points out of 100 points. Five absences will not result in ten points deduction, but "failure" (i.e., grade 'F') in this course.
* Exam - There will be the fianl exam for the evaluation of the knowledge learned from the class.
* Presentation - Much evaluation mark will be counted.

* Attendance (10%), Final exam (40%), Presentation 1 (25%), Presentation 2 (25%)